How to manage your vendors without losing your mind

At some point businesses will run into a problem of one kind or another with their vendors. Untangling these problems can take hours on the phone. The time suck continues as you put time and effort into researching the best products and the right solution for your business. Not to mention keeping straight the complicated language involved with each vendor’s vernacular. The list goes on. These failures can be incredibly frustrating and have the potential to cost a large chunk of revenue.

blog-3-1-1024x538-223815-edited.jpgThe concept of vendor management is more than just entering into a contract for goods and services. There’s also the research to select vendors, ensuring timely payments, monitoring performance, evaluating performance, meeting goals and, of course, managing those relationships.

For us at ITonDemand, that word relationship is key to how we conduct ourselves. We point to the word relationship time and time again, and that’s where we stand apart from others. We develop a strategic relationship with our client partners and use our expertise to ensure your success—including vendor management.

When a client enters into a relationship with ITonDemand, one thing the client will quickly learn is they no longer have to deal with vendors. That’s now our job. Not only will we make all the calls necessary to get our clients back to business, but we also put in the research, resources and man-hours to find our clients not just the most affordable solutions, but the most well-balanced and efficient solutions they require.

New Call-to-actionWhen our clients outsource their vendor management to ITonDemand, they will get more time and money back in the long run. Why? It’s simple. Clients will not need to constantly be on the telephone or at a store trying to understand what IT-related purchase is best-suited for the needs of their business. That can be frustrating, especially since someone from that business tasked with making such a decision may not be qualified to astutely interpret what is best to fit their needs. That’s where ITonDemand comes in. Let the experts decide. That’s what we’re here for.

With an ITonDemand partnership, our clients can avoid the hassles of dealing with vendors. While ITonDemand offers numerous services, our Core service provides 24/7 monitoring of a client’s IT infrastructure. That service also comes with remote and onsite support, antivirus software, maintenance and patching, backup and disaster recovery, network security, wireless, network switching, vendor management, spam services and more. With the Core service or, really any of our other offerings that deal with vendors, our client partners have our management and expertise at their disposal.

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